Power is returning, but trees are still down. Travel is difficult (and buying gas is harder, so time to conserve what you have), so running habits have to be different right now. I tend not to drive to run (due to limited time usually) so my running tends to be local, but even that is harder right now. Some streets are still blocked by trees and wires that are still down, and parks may not be open. If parks are accessible, some areas may still be tough for running.

The RVRR club run last night was diverted from it’s usual route, and I chose to turn back from a route I had chosen on Tuesday morning. Getting things back to normal at work may detract from my running schedule for the next few days, but it’s a small price to pay compared to what others have been through.

So, be careful and take care where you run, especially in the dark now that it’s no longer light as late, as you may not be able to see exactly where the wires are on roads that are closed.

I’m just glad the power’s back so I can wash my running things again – I was getting worried I would be hand washing this week.

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