After Sandy

It was great to see the runners in NY turning their efforts to help the people of Staten Island, and it’s equally great to see all the local efforts around here in central NJ. Unfortunately I was stuck in bed most of yesterday (sinuses were blocked so badly it hurt to move my head) and now I’m stuck at work, but I’m trying to get together items to donate to those who need it (one local church is leading a huge effort to get resources to areas that need it: and, as the RVRR club runs start here, an effort is on to bring items to the Wednesday run). For any runners with race sweatshirts etc. they have accumulated and are willing to donate, see also:

Those first days after the storm seem so long ago now, and looking back it was clear that we had no clue what was going on. Without power information was limited, and although we heard radio reports, it did not prepare us for the images we saw after the fact.

It’s a bizarre feeling now where things are getting back to normal for us – with work starting again (although local schools still not open), wanting to get out running on a regular schedule, and no lingering effects in our street; yet many people are still without power and heat, people are still trying to salvage what they can from their homes, and another storm on the way which could easily cause more problems for already damaged property. Let’s hope that as much as possible is back to normal as soon as possible, and those harder hit get the help they need.


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3 Responses to After Sandy

  1. atalanta3 says:

    Hope New Jersey gets back to normal after the battering it took. It’s not all bad though – I did get a giggle at the thought of your Governor crying with happiness with the Boss gave him a hug! Aaaw!

    Also your minimal shoe info very interesting.

    • runninginnj says:

      Thanks. Locally there are just a few more people waiting to get power back and the parks are still a mess. Other areas will take a long time to rebuild and the transport network is also bad (I haven’t tried to get to my NYC office but it’s apparently taking a few hours to get in,, and the same to get back).
      If you ever consider minimal shoes just make sure you take it really slowly (slower than you can imagine).

      • atalanta3 says:

        Wow, we knew it was bad but we didn’t know it was this bad. I am well acquainted with hurricanes and what they can do, but of course this one was enormous. Wishing Jersey and NY NY all the best.

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