No running

I haven’t run since Saturday. I’m desperate to get out to run and I thought today would be the day, after all, it’s club run night (which starts just a couple of blocks away from here), and I’m guaranteed to be there on time as I’m working from home. However, I still have a pretty bad cough, and it’s snowing, so it’s probably not a good idea.

I actually had the cold on Saturday too when I ran, however it was in the fairly early stages. Despite that, the run seemed to clear things up a bit – my cough appeared to not be so bad after the run (although I did cough a bit during).

My sinuses were so blocked on Sunday it was painful to even move; then Monday was delayed trick or treat so no run for me then. I have no excuse for yesterday – I really should have run.

What do people do when they can’t get out for a run? I suppose if I had a treadmill that might be an answer (although that’s not a favorite for me). I will probably use my rowing machine, but I really want to run. Perhaps tomorrow.

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4 Responses to No running

  1. John says:

    Why not go out for a fast walk?

  2. runninginnj says:

    I probably should – could wrap up warm, and have a cover over nose and mouth against the snow and cold air. I just missed my main opportunity for that as my wife just went to get the kids, but I was stuck finishing off some work. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I use the cross trainer, do a yoga DVD, go for a walk, go swimming, or do an exercise class. It is rubbish when you feel well though, sometimes the best thing to do is have lots of fluids, rest and keep snug. A good sauna session often does wonders too!

    • runninginnj says:

      I joined a gym recently – the only problem is that they haven’t finished building it. Once it is open (shouldn’t be much longer), I plan to swim regularly and plan on doing some classes (flexibility is an issue for me, so I was thinking yoga or pilates). Options for swimming here are limited – I really miss the UK for access to public swimming pools – here you have to belong to a facility.

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