Race volunteer

Today was my first time volunteering at a race.

I had to be there by 7:30 and decided to cycle there because this was the time I would normally do my longest workout of the week. It was cold, around freezing at home, but slightly colder at the race location (Colonial Park, Somerset, NJ – Colonial Park Turkey Trot, 1 mile and 5k).

I was wrapped up warm enough, except for my feet (which are always difficult to deal with, unless I’m riding in my winter cycling shoes – and, of course, as this wasn’t just a ride, I needed more practical shoes). When I got there my toes were frozen, but luckily there was a toilet block with a hand dryer, so I lifted my feet to get blasted by the warm air from that.

Volunteering meant a lot of standing around in the cold, and then putting out some cones on the course. There were more volunteers than were really needed, but it was all good fun as we cheered on the runners as they ran the course, while also trying to keep them on the left hand side of the road (the course was entirely within the park, and was basically up and down the full length of the park twice) – this part was pretty easy as the majority managed this without a problem, but there was one guy who seemed completely oblivious to everyone shouting for him to keep to the left.

On a side note, it always amazes me how many Brits I bump into our here (one of the other 20 odd volunteers was a Brit too), and I met an older guy who was originally from Bethnal Green while he was warming up.

After the majority had finished I cycled home along the Delaware and Raritan Canal path, making a round trip of just over 20 miles on my single speed hybrid (I would have stayed longer, but had to get back for various things including a family trip to the Cirque Chinois at the State Theatre this afternoon – the kids loved that).

Next year, when Rebecca is 6, I think she may be ready to run the 1 mile at this event.

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One Response to Race volunteer

  1. heelaholic says:

    I hope to volunteer sometime. I realized how amazing it is for these people to stand there and cheer you on, even though they have no idea who you are. It really does make a difference to have people clapping and telling you you are almost there.

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