First marathon?

This year saw my first half marathon (and my second – although I felt less prepared for the second), and my aim was to work towards a marathon in 2014, but today my facebook feed was full of updates from the Philadelphia Marathon.

RVRR puts on a strong showing for this event, with many people going down to cheer our runners, and they even arrange an after party. All of the excitement is enticing me to possibly do this next year, so maybe I should go on the record now, and say that, all being well, I WILL run the Philadelphia Marathon in 2013.

I’d already been planning ahead, and I was thinking that my first marathon might be the Reykjavik Marathon in August 2014 (Joy has always wanted to visit, and it would be a good stop on the way to visiting family in England). That would be a much smaller race, and it’s unlikely I would know anyone there, but I think that will still be a goal for the time I would like to achieve (under 3:30); now Philly will be a good start in getting to that goal with the support of the many friends I have made through running with RVRR for the last year.

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2 Responses to First marathon?

  1. I’ve been thinking about a full marathon, it is very tempting! I’ve only done one half marathon though so maybe I should tick a few more off before attempting the 26.2?!

    • runninginnj says:

      I would say that depends on how you feel and how much time you give yourself. I’ve only done 2 half marathons and didn’t do any specific work towards the second one, and I felt it. I’m worried about being able to train enough because of work and the kids, but part of my thinking there was that if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it fast. Now I think I just want to do it for the experience and if I can do it fast that will be a bonus. I’ve given myself a full year, so will very gradually build up my distances – it seems that, at the moment, I’m comfortable with 10 miles on a long run, so that’s where I’m starting from, and I’m already signed up for a half in April.

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