Running smarter

Leading up to today (Thanksgiving), I faced a tough choice between running the Ashenfelter 8k race with 2500 other people, or staying at home and hanging out with my family. I’d already signed up for the race, so I decided to go with a plan to run, then escape as soon as I was finished.

My goal, once again, was to try to run an even paced race (my first post on this blog was a result of taking this approach in a race).

Ultimately, I was really pleased with the race I ran. My Garmin splits showed what, in my mind, was a smartly run race – a 6:53 first mile, followed by 6:51, 6:44, 6:38, and the last almost mile at 6:44 pace (there was a threat of a stitch coming on for the last mile and a bit, which thankfully held off enough for me to finish without having to take a break). My official chip time was 33:37 which is pretty pleasing, as my goal was actually a little slower.

However, there were a couple of people I have regularly beaten this year (not always by much) who beat me quite convincingly today. Earlier in the year this probably would have bothered me as I would have seen it as a failure on my part. Today though I feel like I easily had one of my better runs, not necessarily in terms of speed, but just in terms of getting it right for me.

I left soon after I finished, as planned, and despite getting caught up in a bit of traffic due to what looked like a pretty bad accident (only one car by the looks of it, somehow colliding with the concrete divider between the north and south-bound Garden State Parkway), I was glad to be home at a reasonable time to spend the majority of the day with the family. I look forward to a time when the kids are older and can come and participate in an event like this so we can do it as a family.

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