Unlucky 13th post


First up a word of warning, this post is not about running so feel free to skip. The only reason I am writing about this is to try to clear my head a bit.

This morning, in my 13th post on this blog (and no, I am not in any way superstitious despite my title for this post), I was hoping for at least a partly normal day after being sick in bed all day yesterday. That didn’t really pan out.

Soon after I posted, I went into the bathroom. I had some stomach pains but thought it would pass. All of a sudden I thought I was going to be sick and then almost instantaneously broke out into a really heavy sweat and the next thing I know Joy is there holding me while I’m lying on the floor. Any attempt at movement made me feel light headed, and/or my body shivered violently so I got as comfortable as it is possible to be on a bathroom floor and waited until I felt I could move again, which turned out to be over 3 hours later (I won’t complain about having to spend all day in bed again after that – I wanted nothing more than to be in bed during that time).

In addition to all of that I have all sorts of scrapes and a burn on my big toe where it had presumably been jammed against the radiator pipe (it was the worst time of day in that respect as it was probably the hottest it ever gets). There don’t seem to be any signs that I hit my head (at least not hard) so that’s good.

Now, this isn’t exactly the first time something like this has happened to me, but the most common form is much milder and only when
I do something like cut myself badly (my body just shuts down briefly). It has only been this bad one previous time and I was at a doctor’s office, but this is the only time it has happened with no apparent trigger. Apparently I have some sort of neurological condition.

Joy is great with this stuff and got researching and she discovered that it could actually be related to my stomach bug- apparently this isn’t all that uncommon for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome (not quite the same as a stomach bug but close enough to put my mind at rest a bit). Anyway, she’s insistent that I go and get checked out sometime and this scared me enough to actually make me do it.

I’m still not sure what this means for my running plans for Monday, I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes but at least I’m starting to feel able to get up and about.

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4 Responses to Unlucky 13th post

  1. runninginnj says:

    Now I’ve looked into it this, it makes sense http://www.vasovagal-syncope.com/
    I had this happen once as a kid where standing in a certain position caused me to pass out. Also I used to almost pass out when getting immunizations (I seem to have grown out of that). My main trigger seems to be when I get a bad cut, but it doesn’t always happen so who knows.

  2. cocakolla says:

    Interesting! A gentleman that I once knew through yoga classes mentioned that he used to suffer from that, but it seemed to lessen with age in his case. He said yoga and breathing techniques in situations that used to rattle him did help.
    I hope they build your gym quick 😉

    • runninginnj says:

      Not sure it will help in this case. Triggers vary wildly and mine seem to be related to stresses on the body that come on very suddenly. In some cases where I have cut myself, if it’s not a really, really bad cut, I have been able to control it through breathing, but in these more severe cases it has come on so suddenly I have had no time to do anything before I’m out – it’s a matter of a few seconds warning at most. The gym is due to open mid-December, so can’t wait anyway.

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