Another disappointing day

No run for me again. I knew my original plan for the day was completely impossible as I was still trying to regain energy I lost following the events of Friday and Saturday, but I thought I might be able to get a short run in at least; I still don’t feel strong enough, and struggled to walk for just a few blocks without feeling wiped out when I went to the doctor earlier.

My plan for today was to do something that I’ve wanted to do since June. I finally found a day I could take off and actually do something like that, and I get sick. I’m going to try to find another day in the next week or two, so fingers crossed (maybe I can manage this Friday).

My plan is to go out somewhere (most likely Manasquan Reservoir) and just run, for as long as I can (taking it slowly to be on the safe side). This seems like an ideal place, as the trail around the reservoir is about 5 miles so I’ll never be too far from the car. Given my longest run ever is probably about 15 miles I’ll be happy if I can do more than 20.

Anyone else in NJ have any other suggestions for somewhere suitable for such an endeavor?

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