Running in the cold part 2


I seem to have had a couple of search engine hits on what to wear when running in the cold, so I thought it was worth giving another update because today was my coldest run so far this year (more updates will follow as it gets colder I’m sure). My first post was here: Running in the cold.

Well, by the time I got out to run it was more of an icy rain, but there was a reasonable coating on the cars, and some grassy areas. The temperature was 34˚F (1˚C), and apart from forgetting my Under Armour headband with the bits that covers the ears (I didn’t think about it until I got outside and couldn’t be bothered to go back in to get it), I think I was dressed appropriately.

I was wearing:

  1. Under Armour Coldgear compression long sleeve mock.
  2. Under Armour Coldgear II leggings
  3. Shorts (for the pockets)
  4. ExteOndo cycling jacket (because it was raining/snowing)
  5. Under Armour liner gloves
  6. Injinji socks and Merrell Trail Glove shoes.

The only thing I didn’t really need was the jacket (for warmth anyway). I think I was slightly too hot with it on.

When it’s wet I prefer to just wear my old and trusty Vibram Fivefingers Bikila’s, but with a burn blister on my big toe I didn’t want to take the chance of irritating it, and there’s a band-aid on there which may have made getting them on awkward. I just don’t like having my socks get wet inside my shoes, yet I have no problem with my shoes and feet getting wet and cold all on their own (perhaps I’m a little strange).

This is the first run I’ve been able to do since Thanksgiving day, and I didn’t want to overdo things as I still don’t think I’m back to 100%, but I enjoyed my short , just shy of 3 mile, run. It’s good to get back out again.

Update: a little bit colder – Running in the cold part 3

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