This is a recent post from my good friend Rolf.
Rolf pretty much mentored me this year in my first year of what I would consider running “seriously”, and I guess he also pushed me to my limits, but that was not really his doing. He was a bit faster than me, but I was always trying to keep up. Finally, in July I actually beat him in a 5k, but that’s probably partly because he already had an injury that set him on a course for surgery. This post struck a chord with me as it reflects some of the thoughts I’ve been having recently about how much I pushed myself this year, and how I believe that moderation will ultimately make me a better runner. I was fortunate that I didn’t get to a point of injury before I started thinking about this. At the time, I didn’t think Rolf’s injury had an influence on my own thought processes around this, but perhaps, subconsciously, it was at the heart of it.
Here’s to a swift recovery Rolf, and many more runs together in the future.

Rolf Arands, Runner

Beaner and I played laser tag this morning. It has been weeks, maybe a month or two, since I dug the laser out and had her chase it around. As I hobbled to where I keep the laser, she perked up in anticipation, picking right up where she left off. It seems she didn’t easily forget about something she loved.

Today is day 27, marking almost a month since Drs. Waters and Wishnie worked on, really in, my ankle. It has been an experience. Nothing in my wildest visions could have clued me in on what these 4 weeks would entail. 

When the first cast went on, the leg and foot were very swollen, and the cast was SOOOOO tight. Over the two weeks, the swelling dropped off, and I would have sworn my foot was like the other. I manned up and actually looked at it at the cast…

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  1. rra121cpb says:

    Thanks Neil. I paid a price, hope to come back smarter and wiser. You were getting pretty fast, was only a matter of time even if I didn’t get injured. They say I will run again, look forward to our next one.

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