Grand Finale 10 miler

Today was the USATF NJ Grand Finale 10 miler, and it was another good race for me, not the fastest I’ve been this year at this sort of distance, but a success in terms of my race strategy, and how I feel by the end.

My focus over the last couple of months has been to try and not get caught up in starting out too fast and then fading at the end (I’ve found this tough with the new distances I’ve been running this year – which has been any race over 5k).

I certainly did it today, and the results of that pacing can be seen here: Map my run – Grand Finale 10 miler.

Each set of 3 miles was gradually faster with a push to use my last remaining energy in the last mile. It’s interesting to note that miles 3, 6 and 9, which were all slightly slower than the previous or subsequent miles, were all on the same part of the course – I guess that part was slightly tougher somehow, although it doesn’t seem to reflect that in the elevation profile.

It was a very wet race, and was pretty cold at the start, but I’m loving the feeling I’m getting from running this way where I feel like I’m getting stronger as the race progresses. It was a real boost every time I reeled someone in and passed them.

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