No running for me this week, but something exciting did happen that is running related – I got my new license plates. I still can’t believe these plates were available.


Back to why I haven’t run this week, other than just because it’s been a busy week. Well, it’s been almost 4 weeks since I burnt my big toe, and on Saturday I was trying to get in a 12 mile run. I got to 6 miles happily but my toe was starting to hurt a little. Figuring it was just a bit of pain I pushed on, but by the time I got to 8 miles it was more painful. So, I stopped, took off my shoe, and found that my sock was soaked in blood. I was 2 miles from where I had parked my bicycle, so partly walked, partly jogged back, and then rode home. It turns out the healing blister was rubbed raw. Hence the decision to take time off (that plus my knees have been bothering me a little since I did that long run a couple of weeks ago, so it was probably a good idea to give myself a break).

This week has been a fun week with the club (RVRR) with the Holiday Party on Saturday night, and then a pub crawl on Wednesday (singing carols right before leaving each bar, and jogging/walking/whatever between bars) – both great nights.

Oh, and when I say I did no running, I did not include the run between bars on Wednesday night as evidenced below.


I’m going to miss the club run tomorrow in favor of a night and day in Manhattan – starting with taking the kids to see our friend Mercy Bell perform at the Folk Art Museum – I recommend checking out her music, and support an independent artist by downloading her album – – go on, she’s only asking for a minimum of $1 for 13 great songs, how can you turn that down?

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