Trying something new

Several months ago I joined a gym. I went there for the first time today. No, I’m not that bad – it only just opened on Thursday (but the pool won’t open until next month).

When I joined the gym it was mainly for the pool, but it does also have the benefit of having personal trainer sessions and regular nurse visits as part of the membership. The other thing I thought I would probably try is some sort of class to work on my stretching/flexibility. I’ve always had a problem with flexibility  (at least since I was about 8) – I have none at all. I think I am the least flexible person on this planet, and I feel like I actually proved that this morning.

As I wasn’t working today I went to the 7am Mat Pilates class. I ran there, as it’s only a mile away, and I thought that might be a good warm up (although it was below freezing at that time). I really didn’t know what to expect, but it didn’t seem too bad at first. However, one of the earlier stances/moves/exercises (what do you call these things? Anyone?) did manage to cause a rather large cracking noise somewhere in my shoulder. Later on, I started to have problems – raising my leg and holding it out straight was tough, and my legs would start to shake all over the place with the strain, and forget it when we got to the point where we were sitting up straight, with legs straight out in front of us (that part was just about okay, but then the instructor expected me to be able to bend forward!).

Despite being mildly embarrassed by my ability to move my body in certain ways, I plan to keep going whenever I can (the final schedule is still being worked on) but as of now they have a Saturday morning class which will coincide nicely with the end of my long run, so at least I’ll be forced into some post-run stretching (I have actually stretched after a few runs this year, but I could probably count how many times on my fingers).

I’m not going to the office this week, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to run (my toe is still not healed enough from the burn), so I will probably try out a few different classes when I can – it doesn’t look like there is a yoga one I can make it to. That’s a shame as that was on my list of things to try.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to get somewhere close to being able to touch my toes.

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8 Responses to Trying something new

  1. Frank K. says:

    I think I’m in the running for least flexible, too 😉 Keep at it. Happy Holidays.

  2. sarah clancy says:

    No you’re wrong I am the least flexible on this planet. I share your story. I took up yoga (in pregnancy so i had the perfect excuse for not touching my toes) and the teacher kindly made me feel better by saying that I was too fit to be flexible.

    • runninginnj says:

      Well, if we’re going to one-up each other – I went to a PT earlier this year just because my muscles were tight – he actually called others over to show them because he’d never seen it so bad.

  3. kwarren1970 says:

    Keep going to yoga and Pilates, you guys! Your regular practice will benefit you with flexibility and strength gains and of course that will benefit you in other areas of your lives to include your running!

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  5. I believe the problem with your flexibility might be because you’re British. #narfnarf!

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