New addiction

Apparently I could easily get addicted to classes at the gym. In addition to the pilates class I posted about the other day, I have now also tried the following classes:

  1. BodyPump – a barbell class.
  2. Hatha Yoga
  3. BodyFlow – a combination of Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga

Despite not being able to complete some of the moves in the Pilates, Yoga, and BodyFlow classes I have still enjoyed them way too much.

BodyFlow was the one I did today, so that one is freshest in my mind. It seemed tougher than the Pilates and Yoga classes, but I do wonder if that’s partly because I am probably also fatigued from so many new things this week already, plus there were more people in there and maybe I was sweating more just on the basis of the room being warmer than in previous classes.

I surprised myself at how much I was actually able to complete (although clearly I could not bend as much as the instructor, or other people in the class, for some of them), the major problem was really anything that involved tucking my legs in (for example simply sitting cross-legged is a problem for me).

The Yoga class was yesterday – I did really enjoy it, but as with BodyFlow, I found some of the moves tough, but I didn’t get as hot and sweaty. I think the BodyFlow was faster paced, so that might also explain that.

BodyPump was good fun, and I think I will do it again. I could definitely feel the effect on my arms, and my legs come to think of it. This was the only class where I almost regretted that I had run to the gym, but I managed the jog back and I think the run helped me unwind a bit.

I also want to try the following, but I may have to wait over a week or more until I can coordinate getting to a scheduled class:

BodyAttack – a cardio workout class.

CXWorx – a 30 minute intense workout.

My poor wife is going to get impacted by me wanting to be out every evening either running or doing a class, or both.

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2 Responses to New addiction

  1. sweatingforit says:

    My husband loves yoga. He especially enjoys a vigorous vinyasa class and a power flow his studio does. I go every once in awhile with him and am always impressed by how much it takes out of me!

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