Fastest 5k of the year!

I did something already this year that I said I wasn’t going to do – I was disappointed by my time in a race (the Resolution Run 5k) yesterday (New Year’s Day).

I shouldn’t have been bothered by it for lots of reasons – my toe is still recovering, and the last run I did (other than jogging the mile to the gym and back over the prior week) was on December 15th.

This was my surprise race (as mentioned in my last post, I completely forgot I was signed up – I’d registered in October when somebody told me it was a good race, but that it filled up early).


My toe got wrapped up well to protect it from the pounding it was going to get.

Oh so pretty

Oh so pretty

I got there early and was just hanging around when I spotted a couple of members of RVRR, so I chased them down and joined them for a warm up – what I wasn’t expecting was the longest warm up for a race that I have ever done but I went along with it anyway. We actually ran almost the entire course (probably about 2.9 miles of it). I wonder if that made me a bit slower (or perhaps it had the opposite effect)?

At the end of the warm up run I got a little concerned as it seemed that my bandage was rubbing a bit between my toes, but I figured I could get through the race and deal with the consequences after (I wished I had brought my Injinji toe socks because that would have helped).

After the warm up I decided it was warm enough (it must have been about 39 degrees) to run in a t-shirt, shorts, long (compression) socks, liner gloves, and a headband (covering the ears), so that was how I was dressed for the race.

I’d been so unprepared for this race that I’d left my Garmin at home so had to run without. I felt really good for the whole race (although I felt my breathing was a bit heavier than usual), but I had no idea how fast I really was – they had a couple of volunteers at the 1 mile and 2 mile marks, but the first was so quiet I couldn’t tell what he said (I think it may have been about 6:15 for the first mile – I went out fast), and the one at the second mile didn’t mention the time at any point when I was within earshot.

So, as I came down towards the finish I was surprised and disappointed to see that it already said over 20 minutes, and my final finishing time was 20:21.98. Now, I really shouldn’t be disappointed with that given what has gone on with my running over the last month and a bit, and I really need to stop doing this to myself. At the end of the day I had a good run, got a nice hoody, and got 3rd in age group (even though I got the prize for second in age group because the guy who was first had already won something because he was so fast – that prize was a pretty nice bag). So, all in all, it was a good run.

When I got home I was exhausted (and a small blister had formed between my toes – it was uncomfortable to walk at the end of the race) – I think all these new classes and the race took their toll on me, and I ended up napping while my lovely wife took the kids down to the park to play with some of their friends.

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2 Responses to Fastest 5k of the year!

  1. heelaholic says:

    Wow, that is an awesome time. I hope your toe heals up soon though. :\

    I have my resolution run on Sunday and I have a feeling it will be my worse. But I’ve learned somethings about me/my running in the process so that is what matters.

    • runninginnj says:

      Thank you, it’s one of my slowest times in the last year, but I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I look back on my improvement since I started and it’s pretty amazing. I’ve just got to get out of that mindset now – it was easier when I was getting faster with every race. – I’ve already tried to shift my focus, and some of my recent races have been my best, by virtue of how I felt about them, even though they weren’t my fastest.

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