I’m back!

This may, fingers crossed, be my first “regular” week of running for a while. Running is no longer causing my knee problems (I managed 13 reasonably fast miles on Saturday with no issues after 10 days off so I figure I’m good to go).

It felt good to get back to my old routine of running as soon as I got home from work. I wasn’t sure what sort of run I was going to do when I headed out the door, but after half a mile I felt like picking up the pace which resulted in an overall first mile in 7:09, and then a second mile in 6:33, and then I eased off for the three quarters of a mile to get back home. I really enjoy those short 20 minute runs sometimes – that’s pretty much what I was running for my first year and a half of running (although not as fast as I am now). Short runs like that (for me anyway) are no pressure runs where you can just take it how you feel at the time – sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes a mix of slow and fast, and it can feel really liberating.

I’ve pretty much neglected the short run this year so far, so this really does make it feel like I’m back.


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