“Millions of shoes”

My 3 year old said to me yesterday “daddy, you have millions of shoes”. For the record his estimation is a little on the high side.

I wondered where this had come from, so asked my wife whether anything had been said earlier in the day, and she recounted the following story:

3 year old, to wife: Mommy, why did Daddy buy new shoes?

Wife: He wanted to try them.

3 year old: Well, what about those blue shoes and those and those and those?

Wife: Well, Daddy just wanted to try new things.

3 year old: Daddy has lots of shoes. He has more shoes than anyone in our family. 

3 year old, standing over the running shoes looking down at them turning his head from left to right then holds his arms out really wide: He has millions of shoes!

After a short pause: When I’m bigger maybe I can have lots of shoes.

I’ve been thinking about posting a picture of all my shoes for the last couple of weeks, but was waiting until my latest pair arrived, and in the meantime another blogger, Vegetarianbarefootrunner, posted hers (so at least one person beat me to it). I’m glad I waited otherwise I wouldn’t have had the story of my 3 year old’s conversation with my wife.

Here are my running shoes:

photo (2)

Top Row, left to right: Vibram Bikila (my first minimalist shoe), Vibram Bikila LS, Saucony Kilkenny XC4 (not barefoot shoes, but they are flats – I haven’t run much in these at all), Another pair of the Bikila LS.

Middle: New Balance Minimus Road Zero, Merrell Trail Glove (these are a bit worn now but still doing ok).

Bottom, left to right (my newest shoes): New Balance Minimus Road Zero (again), New Balance Minimus Road 10 (I only use these jogging to the gym, and at the gym), Vivobarefoot Neo Trail (haven’t even tried these yet – planning to run a trail President’s Day), Newton Running Distance (see my last post about my first run in these).

Now, I’ve also gone minimalist on every other type of shoe I wear daily, so here are those shoes:

photo (3)

Top, left to right: Vivobarefoot Dharma, Vivobarefoot Evo II (these are a running shoe, but I used them for casual wear – at the time I was running in the Vibram Bikila), Vivobarefoot Off Road Mid

Middle: Vibram KSO, Vivobarefoot Achilles

Bottom, left to right: Vivobarefoot Ra (Red-Brown), Vivobarefoot Dharma (again – the other pair are looking a bit worn), Vivobarefoot Ra (Black)

Vivobarefoot definitely has the biggest selection of non-running barefoot shoes (not sure there’s anyone else making anything close to a formal work shoe like they do), and they often have discount codes, so that helps.

I think I have enough shoes for now, but if I see some on sale I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

Do you have enough shoes?

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11 Responses to “Millions of shoes”

  1. Sarah C says:

    I do have far too many shoes. Running shoes, heels, boots, flip flops … pick one. But it’s mostly because I can’t bear to part with them … even if they are running shoes past their prime (there may or may not be about 8 pairs of those in my closet at present …)

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  3. roberta4949 says:

    hey daddy what are you a woman? lol, one thing for sure if there is ever a shortage on shoes you will be set for a while. I had a friend who had like a million dress shoes(literally covered one side of the wall down the other, and she had a large closet., and I was liek wow!! another had more purses then I could count, a friend of mine who just died, commited suicide, had 80 suit jackets and that many shirts (dress) and something like 88 ties, and heaven knows what else. cant remember exact numbers but it was astronomical. so your collection is modest so don’t feel bad. maybe you can pass them down to your son. after you destink them. lol

    • runninginnj says:

      I have a shirt problem too. I like to wear shirts with cuff links. I daren’t count them so not sure how many I have but it must be at least 30 (but some are about to be retired).

  4. paigesato says:

    so jealie of your running shoe collection. my largest # of shoes would be boots. then converse chuck taylors. then running shoes.

  5. mods1172 says:

    I have shoe envy. Do you have a favorite for regular running? Also, do the trail shoes make a significant difference when off-road?

    • runninginnj says:

      My favorites from the day I first got them were the New Balance Minimus Road Zero. My very first run in them was a 5 mile race and they became the shoe I only wore in races. Now I wear them more often. My first “trail” shoe was the Merrell Trail Glove – I needed these at the time because I joined a running club and the weekly run was on a path that was pretty rocky in places, and my feet would hurt in the Vibram Bikilas. It was a huge difference. I still haven’t done much in the way of real trails, but the Trail Glove has served me well.

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  7. richcasto says:

    Vivobarefoots are awesome! I wear them every day: Ra, Dharma, and Aqua Lite. I run in Saucony Grid Type A4/A5, however.

    • runnj says:

      I have a pair of Vivobarefoot “The One” I found on a deal site arriving in a few days. I use them every day for work, but haven’t really run much in a Vivobarefoot shoe (except a couple of runs in the Neo Trail). I still can’t stop buying shoes apparently. I should do an update on this, my Evo IIs fell apart, and I have a few newer ones not on here.

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