Out of time

A recent discussion with a running friend has left me wondering how I can better manage my running schedule.

The discussion was about training plans, and how I don’t feel there’s any way I can organize my schedule well enough to follow a plan. I have never used a training plan, but I suspect, if I am to tackle a marathon, and do it well, then maybe I need to.

My current schedule looks something like this, although often at least one thing gets dropped each week it seems:

Monday – short, 3 or 4 mile run after work.

Tuesday – swim (although soon the club will start speed workouts on a Tuesday night, so I may try to work out a way to do that as well as a swim).

Wednesday – club run, 7 miles.

Thursday – nothing.

Friday – Bodypump class; occasionally I also run in the morning, as I work from home on a Friday (the problem is I’m often really tired by Friday so getting out of bed can be tough).

Saturday – club run, unless I’m racing over the weekend, 10 to 16 miles (so, how can I get a long run done if I’m also racing – perhaps less racing is the answer this year). Bodyflow class if I can make it.

Sunday – Bodyflow class.

There are places I could probably get some extra runs – I’m thinking of getting up earlier on Tuesday and Thursday to run in the morning, but, as I already get up at 5:15am, that’s going to be tough – this could give me an extra 3 miles each day. I could probably get up early on a Sunday too for a run, but that’s the only day I really get to stay in bed for any amount of time, and I’m not sure I can give that up.

I would also like to get some cycling back into my schedule again, but who knows when I can do that.

How do people manage to run 40+ miles a week? Maybe I could do it if I didn’t have over an hour commute each way, and having young kids makes a difference too. I hover around the 25 mile a week mark. Perhaps I’ll just have to accept that’s all I can do. I don’t seem to be doing too badly from that, but I do wonder what my potential could be if I can do more, or just follow a plan.

Perhaps just looking at a plan, and attempting to adjust to when I can run is the best I can hope for.

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8 Responses to Out of time

  1. haleymg12 says:

    My training schedule has me running 35/week miles at the most. It’s all I can do with my work/life schedule 🙂 I did it last year & I’m doing it again this year. Good luck finding something that works for you!

  2. Great blog! I REALLY struggle with finding time for fitness. I have to be really disciplined for the same reasons as you – my commute is about an hour each way and I start at 7am on some mornings.

    • runninginnj says:

      I leave for work around 6:15am. I start work at 8 officially, but I’m always in early. I do get to leave at 4 though, so that helps. I also work from home on Friday so in theory I should be able to make time somewhere.

  3. I feel your pain. I am currently struggling to get anymore than 28-30 miles a week. I feel like I need to do more in order to actually finish a marathon at the end of April. So if your figure out how to do it, please pass on the wisdom.

    • runninginnj says:

      Likewise, if you manage it, let me know. I’ve got quite a bit longer before I tackle a marathon (although someone was trying to talk me into a 34 mile run – not a race – in June).

  4. paigesato says:

    Since you have such a long commute and are up so early, can you run at lunch (and eat before or after at your desk)? maybe that’s one way to fit in the extra miles, although a lunch run wouldn’t be so long.

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