Registered for first marathon

Registration for the Philadelphia Marathon opened today, and I’m in.


It’s only $80 for the first 1000 entrants, and an extra $2 off for being a USATF member (and I’m an Active Advantage member, so no extra fees there), so it only cost $78 – bargain.

Now to work out how I will be able to get in all the miles I need – still only managing about 26 miles per week and that’s not going to be enough (even though my goal is really just to do it with no focus on time, there’s a voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me my goal is to do it in around 3:30).


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4 Responses to Registered for first marathon

  1. Think about your water needs. I ran Philly and liked it except that I wanted more water in the last half. I wish I had taken my Camelbak and have heard several others express the same sentiment.

  2. nancykl says:

    Awesome! Ran it last year and had a blast. Orange slices, brownies, and beer up in Manayunk was great.

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