Indian Trails photos

Well, in my last post I mentioned I was looking forward to seeing the photos from Indian Trails because I broke out in a big smile/bit of a laugh as I started coming down the last hill. It seems that the photos don’t necessarily show that although the facial expressions are “different”, does this look like part of a laugh?

Does this show the beginnings of a smile?

Does this show the beginnings of a smile?

Or this?



All my photos are here.

This one I like because I think it’s the only time I’ve been photographed with both feet off the ground:



This week I’ve been forced into resting – I’ve been at home alone with 2 kids since Tuesday and still have to survive that until sometime tomorrow. As soon as the wife gets back I can see me heading out the door for a long run.


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2 Responses to Indian Trails photos

  1. thinnmann says:

    Never do still photos tell the story of what is really happening with running bodies. Discussions on running forums about barefoot technique and heel strike have proven that photos lie, time and time again. So I am sure you were smiling much better than that!

    • runninginnj says:

      Interesting you mention the heel strike, looking at the photo of me crossing the finishing line it makes it look like my heel is about to hit the ground – pretty sure it wasn’t.

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