Racing in the Vibram Bikila

This year I rediscovered how much I love running in the Vibram Bikila – they are my go-to shoe when it’s wet outside (no socks necessary as they always fit just right) and when it rained in both my May races they served me well with PRs for 5k and 10k (past races).

I also wore them last week in the first race of the RVRR Summer Series after it had been raining pretty hard for a few days and the course was pretty wet in places. This is what I looked like after that race:


I suppose this was my first “real” cross country race, and I quite enjoyed it (until I stumbled on a root and the misstep brought my other foot down hard on another root half way through – my foot hurt for over a day after). My time (21:14) was slow though, probably partly from the very wet, almost boggy grass, partly as I’d spent the previous few days driving hundreds of miles.

I’ve had this pair of shoes for over 2.5 years now so they are pretty worn and I recently got hold of a new pair which seemed to fit exactly the same way (and why wouldn’t they – they’re the same size?).

Last night I ran the President’s Cup 5k in Milburn, NJ and I chose to run in the new pair. It wasn’t wet, but it was humid. Apparently something is different about this new pair because halfway through the race I could feel a blister forming on the bottom of my big toe (the right one was the one I could feel, but apparently it was also happening on the left – just not as badly). I pushed through to the end, and finished with a 19:41 chip time (I said I’d be happy if I broke 20:00. I don’t think I do as well in evening races – I’m a morning person – but I felt good, and given the humidity I am happy with this). This was the first time I have run this race, so I don’t have a point of reference on how well I did for this course.


I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the Vibrams causing the blisters – perhaps I just need to run in them more to “break them in”. I didn’t ever have problems with my old pair so it has me a little confused.

In other news, I had said I was going to update my review of the Merrell Trail Glove 2. I had returned the original pair for a size smaller and they have been working really well for me. I’m very happy with these again, and they are definitely my long run shoe, and it’s very likely these are the shoes I will wear for my first marathon later this year. I think they compare favorably with the original Trail Glove – just make sure you try them on for size as I am wearing a size smaller in the Trail Glove 2 than I wore in the original Trail Glove.

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6 Responses to Racing in the Vibram Bikila

  1. Sorry about the blister~! Try them with Injinji socks?

    • runninginnj says:

      I like this size because they fit so snugly that I don’t need socks – I actually have the size up (Bikila LS) and those I have to wear with socks. I’m not sure I could squeeze these ones on with socks on. It’s annoying because I have never had a problem with the older ones in the same size.

  2. sweatingforit says:

    That sucks. I’ve had that happen a few times before with Brooks Pure Flows

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