One and a half miles barefoot



For the past month or so I have been adding a short distance of fully barefoot running to the end of some of my regular runs. At first I was maxing out at about half a mile and I would feel like my toes were possibly starting to develop blisters.

I mentioned this to a friend who runs barefoot quite a lot ( and he indicated that was a sign I was pushing off the ground too much and I needed to focus on lifting. So, the next time I went out I tried to focus on lifting and successfully completed three quarters of a mile with no issues.

That was a couple of weeks ago, and since then I haven’t been running barefoot for various reasons (races, wanting to get in distance and being short on time). Today I was working from home so had a bit more time. I ran 8 miles in the Merrell Trail Glove 2, and then took them off in the park. I ran on the roads and sidewalks at first through the park, and then up the hill out of the park towards home. I added a little loop to get the distance up to 1.5 miles, and my feet were fine the whole way. Next time – 2 miles; maybe I’ll be able to do a 5k race barefoot later this year?

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3 Responses to One and a half miles barefoot

  1. paigesato says:

    Wow, I’m impressed.

  2. Keep mixing it in slow and easy 🙂

  3. wornoutsoles says:

    Great to hear your experience barefoot running. I did some barefoot running last week out of necessity when my shoes had cut my feet so badly I couldn’t run in them any more. I loved the barefoot running and, like you, I am trying to build in more barefoot running. Glad to find other people out there that are running barefoot.

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