Races for kids

This little guy turned 4 yesterday:

photo (6)

This photo was taken on Tuesday night at the RVRR Summer Series. The summer series consists of kids events and a 5k over 4 race nights with 2 weeks between each one. The kids events are great and I’m so glad we finally got the kids out to one of them.

This week, as I had already raced twice in the previous 8 days I thought I would take it relatively easy in the 5k so signed up to volunteer for the kids races. My role was to run ahead of the kids so they could chase me down.

The quarter mile was first, and was the one my little boy was running. The photo above was taken after the leaders had finished and I ran back to join him for the last stretch (I love that we both seem to be off the ground at this point).

The half mile was next and this was where I was supposed to get a break but my eldest wouldn’t run without me (I said I would start with her, but when I stopped she stopped too) so I ended up running that too. Half a mile in about 4:24 I think.


The 1 mile was next and I had volunteered for that one too. There was one girl who was way ahead of the others and that mile ended up being around 7:20 pace.

All the kids then take part in the “Lollipop dash” – a short run where they grab a lollipop at the end. Then it’s pizza time.

After all of this I ran the 5k. It had rained briefly (but heavily) a couple of hours before the race so there were some wet sections again, but it wasn’t as bad as last time (I wrote about that here). Most people were faster than the first race, but as I had deliberately made a point not to go out fast I was slower, but perhaps not as slow as I should have been, and finished in 21:30.

After races the previous Monday night, Sunday evening, and this on Tuesday evening, my legs were definitely in need of a break and the little one’s birthday was a perfect excuse to take it easy.

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5 Responses to Races for kids

  1. Chuck says:

    Sounds like an awesome night!

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