Running in (not NJ)…

This week I have run in PA, IN, and IL. I already wrote about my PA run, so here’s a catch up on the others.

Indianapolis didn’t seem like an easy place to run, the hotel couldn’t even offer suggestions other than “there’s a golf course as long as you avoid the security guards” and “well, there are sidewalks here and here”. Perhaps it was just the area I was in, but even driving around town I didn’t spot anywhere that looked good for a run. I took the option of just running along the sidewalk along the road the hotel was on. The first thing that struck me was that they really didn’t seem to want pedestrians to cross the road – I swear it was over a mile before there were actually pedestrian crossing points for the main road, despite having them across the side roads. At one point I took a turn down one of these side roads because it had a sidewalk and I was getting bored running along the same road. I got about a quarter of a mile down and the sidewalk ran out, but there was a crossing right there – great, I thought, so I crossed and turned to carry on down that same road only to realize that came to a dead end less than 100 yards ahead, so back to the main road again.

This morning I ran in Schaumburg, IL (not too far from Chicago). This was a much more successful run. The hotel was only just over 1 mile from Busse Woods (I’m sure the hotel staff pronounced it “Bossy” Woods when they told me about it – wasn’t expecting a “u”, so it took me a minute to find the info online).

It was a nice, cool morning – I guess that’s what happens when you’re further north – and as I was getting ready I started to try to talk myself out of wearing the skirt again (why is it so difficult to put it on?). My thought process involved the fact it was colder and so it wasn’t as important. On my run in Indiana I had not worn it – this was because when I looked at the weather it said it was raining (I have found that this material gets pretty heavy when it gets really wet) and I couldn’t take a look out of the window because it would have disturbed sleeping bodies – but when I got out there with the humidity, I instantly regretted not having it on, partly because there was no sign of any rain so I could have worn it. I talked myself round and put the skirt on (and once again I’m glad I did – so comfortable).

When I first entered the park, this was the view – pretty nice:

photo (11)

In the park there were a lot of runners and cyclists using the paved trail. It’s difficult to tell if my skirt got reactions here – it definitely did from the first runner I came across – this particular woman smiled widely. clearly amused by my skirt. After a mile or so I passed an older guy, who was running at a fairly decent pace, but as I haven’t been running much I had decided to make this run count and was running at between 7:10 and 7:30 pace. As I passed him he said “looking pretty good” and I wasn’t sure whether he was referring to my skirt or to my pace and/or running form. I guess I’ll never know. Most others kept their reactions to themselves, with the exception of the old guy fishing who I thought might have a heart attack when he saw me.

This was a nice place to run – there are a few trails, although only one loop which is 7.7 miles long (the hotel had told me it was 7 miles, so at the end I was struggling to keep my pace as high as I had on the rest of the loop). The only downside is that at one point you have to cross a major intersection which involves waiting at a crossing (it does cross the road twice but at the other end there is a bridge). Including the slower parts of the run to/from the hotel the total distance was 10.8 miles at 7:41 pace.

Here are a couple of other photos (although I shouldn’t try to keep running when I take photos apparently – I only tried this with one).

photo (13) photo (12)

While I’m talking about the skirt again, it’s interesting to note that every day I seem to be getting multiple hits from search engines for search terms along the lines of “mens running skirt” or “men’s skirts”, so it does seem like there’s some interest out there. My running skirt review has easily surpassed my Merrell Trail Glove 2 review as my most read post.

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3 Responses to Running in (not NJ)…

  1. paigesato says:

    I was stuck in Indy for 8 days last summer, and found a route that ran along a canal (very short–3 mile loop), but then discovered that it connected to some sidewalks along a river–much better and longer, but still not great.

  2. Brandy says:

    Hi I use to live in Chicago and Northern suburbs, Schaumburg is very nice. Glad to hear your getting (s)mileage on your running skirts. The mind set that helped me was finding an excuse to wear when ever possible. Got to the point where I never thought of not wearing one for any exercise, for me gym and hikes.

    I’ve picked up on very pricey but very nice. Combine their polo or tech shirt with a runningskirt or a Inknburn skirt and your good to go any where that takes shorts.

    • runninginnj says:

      Thanks for coming back and checking on my progress. I think it’s getting easier to wear the skirt (particularly as I now have a plain black one – I think that has made a difference). Inknburn seems to only have skorts – I think I prefer the ones with briefs, or, I am considering one with nothing built in so I can choose what to wear underneath.

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