Niagara Falls run (and Merrell Trail Glove 2 review update)

Vacation is over – 15 days of travel, 2238 miles covered in the car, and a total of about 38 miles run over those days in 5 runs. Now to start thinking about marathon training for Philadelphia.

Before I get on to talking about the Merrell Trail Glove 2 (as per the title of this post), here’s a quick rundown of my Niagara Falls run.

The last run of my vacation was on Wednesday morning in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I had to run here mainly to be able to say I had run in Canada (in my 3 years of running I have only run in the US, England and now Canada).

My phone battery was so low I didn’t take it with me, but I wish I had – firstly the sky was impressive, and secondly, it was early enough that there was hardly anyone around (one other runner and a couple of people working to clean the sidewalks). So, if you’re there, it’s worth getting out early (I was out at about 6:20am) to get the falls to yourself.

I ran from the hotel, and towards the Rainbow Bridge (my intention was mainly to run the other way, but decided to head up that way first) and then looped around to run towards the horseshoe falls. The falls mist was spraying very strongly over the path which was pleasant because it was a very humid morning and then I continued on along the path by the river. I hadn’t looked at a map so I wasn’t sure what I would see or where it would lead, but really it didn’t seem to be heading anywhere after about a mile. I only planned on about 4 miles total anyway so when I came across a set of steps up the hill I figured it would probably take me to the higher road that would lead me back to the hotel.

Ultimately it did but I was a bit worried at first – despite the height of the hotels, I couldn’t see them at all, but I pushed on. There was really nothing to see for much of this so it was a bit dull, and eventually I got back to the hotel after 4.7 miles. At least I got another run in and the first part was very scenic.


In my recent runs, when wearing the Merrell Trail Glove 2 (original post is here, I have been thinking more about them. I have been wearing them with very thin socks generally and on longer runs I have found that the bottom of my feet have felt like, if I go much further, I could end up with blisters, or at least sore feet.

For the run at Niagara Falls I couldn’t find my socks (they were probably in one of the suitcases I left in the car) so I had to run without socks. At first I was concerned because when I put them on I could feel a seam that I was convinced was going to cause me a problem. I thought I might have to cut the run short. However, when I started running I couldn’t really feel it and there were no adverse effects and no apparent rubbing, so it seems like it would be fine (I think if I’d run long I would have had the same issues as with the thin socks of course).

This morning I ran with thicker socks and didn’t seem to have the same issues, so it seems that the correct socks are important for me with these shoes.

The Merrell Trail Glove 2 is still, by far, my favorite shoe for longer distances, so it will definitely be my marathon training shoe and ultimately (unless something drastic happens) the shoe I will run in for the Philadelphia Marathon.

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