It’s a world record run

(Well, not officially yet). On Tuesday night RVRR held their final Summer Series race of the year. This was also the final race for the race directors who started it all 30 years ago, and to go out in style they arranged a world record attempt for the “Shortest Chip-timed Cross Country Race”.


The kids races started at 6 as usual, and I volunteered to run the 1 mile as lead (seriously hoping that the fast girl that turned up last time I volunteered wasn’t there again – didn’t think I’d do particularly well that day trying to run faster than a 7 minute mile before the 5k race). I ran the quarter mile with my youngest, and then the half mile with my eldest, and then the mile, which luckily turned out to be a nice 9+ minute mile.

The kids had the lollipop race, then the pizza, and then we waited around for the 7pm 50 meter cross country race. I signed up the kids and fixed the chip timing tags to their shoes, and then Jose took this great picture of us:


I ended up running with the kids – there was a hay bale across the middle of the course, and the little one was a bit small to jump over it. He tried and stumbled, fell to the ground on the other side and didn’t want to stand up again (he was looking at his knee to make sure it was okay). Eventually I got him back on his feet and running again, but it meant we finished in 160th, 161st, and 162nd out of 169 people. (Full Results here). Pictures from the race are posted here and in photos 63 to 67 you can see the sequence of events from that hay bale jump (in picture 62 we’re about to negotiate it).

The 5k started soon after – all this race did was confirm what I already knew – I am a road runner, not a cross country runner, not a trail runner, but still I got third in age group for the whole series (although there were fast people out there that night, so for this particular race I think I was 4th). I really wanted this one to be fast – it looked set to be my fastest of the series given the other 2 I had run were in wet, boggy conditions. On Tuesday the grass was actually mostly dry for a lot of the course so you’d think it would be fine. It ended up as my slowest – not long after the start my legs were just feeling heavy and I just felt it was such an effort to move. I’ve never had a race where I felt quite like that so I think the 50m race beforehand must have just been too much.

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