Catch up

The title of this blog posts combines a reference to my lack of blog activity as well as my running in general.

The first of my goals this year was going to be tough – breaking the 19 minute barrier in a 5k. With last June’s Lager Run giving me a 19:15, I was hopeful that I could maybe break that time this year. My preparation, while not perfect, was not too bad. Thanks to RVRR speed sessions throughout the spring that pushed me hard, I felt relatively fast. However, I wasn’t backing that up with anywhere near the number of miles I was running a year ago, and ultimately I think what I gained in speed I lost in stamina and my 5k times have largely remained static this year.

For comparison:
May: Highland Park 5k 2014: 19:27, 2013: 19:28
Jun: Presidents Cup 5k 2014: 19:41, 2013: 19:41
Jun: Lager Run 5k 2014: 19:32, 2013: 19:15

So, what comes next? The other goal for the year is the half marathon and for that I need to increase my mileage and I’ve started doing that already to some extent, but I still need to get out and run more often.

Alongside this, I have decided to work on my core strength and flexibility. This is something I believe helped last year so I’m hoping I can work hard enough to gain those benefits again.

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1 Response to Catch up

  1. Those are some really great times. I would love to break the 20 min mark but I tend to stick with the longer distances. You will do great with the half marathon. Just a little over 4 5K’s run at once! 🙂

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