Runner’s World Half and Festival

I had so much fun at this event last year that I’m back again this year to do the hat-trick again (5k, 10k and half). As I’ve been running less, my plan was just to take it slow and enjoy, but there’s something about being in that atmosphere that pushes you on, so this morning I ran the 5k and 10k faster than I intended.

Last week I ran a 5k and a 10k but over 2 days. Last week’s times were 20:31, and 42:22 respectively (which got me 2nd place overall, and 1st in age group respectively). Not my fastest times by far, but far for the amount of running I’ve been doing.

Today I managed a 20:23 5k, and 43:17 10k (an hour or so after the 5k), and got myself 2nd place in age group in the 10k (4th in the 5k).


Tomorrow I will definitely be taking it easy in the half.


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4 Responses to Runner’s World Half and Festival

  1. dorseyml says:

    Congrats on awesome an 5k and 10k! Good luck with the half marathon! Can’t wait to here all about it.

    • runnj says:

      Thanks. I’m going to stick with a pacer so I don’t go too fast – let’s hope I can stick to that. Hopefully I get round to writing again soon. I’ve been feeling very neglectful of this blog. I think I need to get back on it.

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