Normal service to be resumed shortly

From a running, and personal, perspective February has been far from ideal. That’s not to say I haven’t managed some good quality runs – it’s more the consistency. At a time when I have a plan to increase my weekly mileage, things haven’t entirely gone to plan (do they ever?).

Over the last 4 weeks I have spent alternate weeks in the UK and the US. It wasn’t planned – my dad died early in the month and my first trip was in the hope of seeing him just in case the end was coming (I didn’t make it, things happened faster than expected).

Running provided the time for contemplation and probably kept me sane (at least for some of the time), but then last week I got a horrible sore throat and then even moderate activity wiped me out so running was out of the question. I managed a short, slow run with RVRR last night which went better than expected considering I’m still blocked up, hence hoping to get back to “normal service” (although I’m hoping to instill a new normal for my running).

With the first USATF team championship race in just over 3 weeks, I’m hoping I’ll be on form, and I hope to post many of the things that have been going on in the last 2 months that I haven’t got round to posting yet.

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