New Year, no posts….until now

I’ve managed to do it again – neglected my blog. What I have not been neglecting, however, is running.

It can be a tough time of year to get motivated to run, so what gets you out when it’s (well) below freezing?

Here’s my list of what is keeping me going:

  1. Upcoming races: Although I have no speed expectations this year (deliberately so), I still want to be race ready, and with the first USATFNJ Team Championship race coming up on March 20 (Miles for Music), there’s not much time left.
  2. A Running Club: Whether it’s for other people to run with, or just knowing that others are out there, this can seriously help with motivation. For me, it’s good to know there will be a good crowd out for the RVRR Wednesday and Saturday runs – in February RVRR provides extra motivation with a “breakfast incentive” in the month of February – make it to all the Saturday runs this month and you get $10 towards breakfast after the final run (not bad for a membership that costs $23).
  3. Just keeping active: just knowing that you can’t stop – I know if I don’t run for a while I am likely to be more cranky. Also, if I didn’t run I might have to cut down on beer and food.
  4. The London Marathon: Yes, I’m running the London Marathon in April – this will be my last marathon for a long, long time now that I’ve determined it’s too far for me. This one will mean a lot to me, as I’m running in aid of Myeloma UK in memory of my dad.

All you need to carry on running whatever the weather is the right clothing. Layers are good and I find that Merino Wool works well for me, quality cold weather gloves and a hat (or balaclava for the really cold days). I don’t worry too much about socks and footwear (in the really cold weather this past weekend I did wear merino injinji socks and trail shoes for a little extra warmth).

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