Halfbike – a review

I have been asked quite a few questions over the last couple of months about the Halfbike, so please see my FAQ posted on October 25, 2016 for an update.

Until this year I’d never had anything happen that stopped me running for any length of time. It was fortunate that I happened to have bought a Halfbike from a Kickstarter campaign, and it had arrived just a couple of months before.

It was also fortunate that I was able to use this while I wasn’t able to run (the muscle issues I had didn’t seem to manifest themselves when using this).

When I first got it (back in November) it took about half an hour to put together, and then about 10 minutes of failing to stay on before I was able to comfortably ride up and down the street.

After this it pretty much got ignored for the winter until February where I had issues that prevented me from running for a few weeks, right in the middle of marathon training. I substituted my training runs with riding the halfbike, joining my running club group runs on it (although eventually I did get too fast to stay with them so would circle around to rejoin), and honestly having fun. I successfully managed to get through 11 miles of riding, which I had initially thought would be difficult.

Out with the club

It was also perfect for riding with the kids

It was also perfect for riding with the kids

Luckily I was able to get back to running with about a month to go before the marathon, but had to build up slowly so I was still making use of the Halfbike.

Overall, the marathon was a success, I got through it comfortably and I don’t doubt it was because I was able to keep my fitness level up using this.

Following this I was happy to be chosen as a Halfbike ambassador – I have taught friends how to ride and can offer a discount code for at least 5% off depending on what current offers are available (i.e. if the best coupon at the time gives 10% off, this code will also give you 10% off) to anyone who is interested in buying one. If you’re in NJ, and we happen to be at the same races, or if you can make it to an RVRR run, I’d be happy to bring it along to let you try it out. Alternatively, if you’re already sold on it, use coupon code XHJVQ.

EDIT: Since I posted the following statement, it seems that you can buy the single speed again – I’m assuming that at the time it was out of stock or something – I have the single speed but now I believe that it only comes in a 3 speed option (which means I wouldn’t have to get off when going up the hills – the single speed can make that difficult)

I have been asked quite a few questions over the last couple of months about the Halfbike, so please see my FAQ posted on October 25, 2016 for an update.


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13 Responses to Halfbike – a review

  1. Alfred says:

    Greetings, love your story. I’m considering one to cross train while nursing a running injury. Do you still continue to use it to supplement your running?

    • runnj says:

      I’ve been falling apart this year and my latest problem is my right arm so unfortunately I haven’t for several weeks. I plan to again soon though. My plan for the year was more cross training in general, I just haven’t been able to do that yet. My plan is to use it for a couple of miles after every long run.

      • Alfred says:

        So sorry to hear that. Injury is always a tough thing to deal with, especially if you have races coming up(like I do). I’m still debating on the Halfbike. My concern is how effective it is towards my run-training and second, how difficult it is to master before I can actually use it effectively as a low impact running alternative. Thanks any comments on the Halfbike to help me with my purchasing decision is appreciated:)

      • runnj says:

        Mastering it isn’t too bad. I recently showed my neighbor how to ride it and she was going up and down the street in less than 10 minutes. Turning takes some getting used to. As for being an effective alternative to running, I would say it’s likely at least as good as an ElliptiGO which is touted as a good alternative (and the Halfbike is a LOT cheaper). I do know it definitely kept my fitness level up in my marathon preparation and I was able to ramp up quickly with my running once my issues had been resolved which seems to imply that it worked my running muscles enough to cope.

      • Alfred says:

        Thanks runnj for your feedback. Yes, much cheaper and portable than the ElliptiGo.
        I’ll give it shot and purchase one. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

        Many Thanks!

      • runnj says:

        Email me for a discount code! Neil@runningitsoftly.com

  2. jessica says:

    Overall, do you think it is good for adolescent and teens as an alternative to a bike? I like the novelty of it to keep them interested in moving and staying active! You find it to be a good workout? I have back issues and hubby neck issues but we want to ride with our 10 and 13 year old daughters and this could provide that for us. Thanks for your input!!

    • runnj says:

      I don’t see why not – the novelty factor is definitely there. It is a good workout – I tend to feel it in my calf muscles but I also have an issue with very tight muscles there so I don’t know if it’s just because of that. I also don’t know how riding it would impact someone with back or neck issues – given the balancing piece of riding it, perhaps there could be.

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  6. Julio morales says:

    Hi do you think that someone with more than the 95 recommended weight could ride the Halfbike? Thank you

    • runnj says:

      I would imagine they have set the limit based on the fact that your entire weight is held by just the pedals – I’m afraid I have no idea how much over that weight you would be okay with (I suspect they would post numbers that are more cautious). I would suggest asking them directly, but I imagine you would get a standard answer that they would not recommend it.

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