Very little running (and the benefits of Skinners)

When the doctor advised me not to run for a couple of weeks he also told me that he knew I would run anyway. It turns out that other things got in the way and I haven’t really had time to run anyway. Over the last 2 weeks I have run twice – today, and 9 days ago.

One thing I noted in my last post was that I was finding it easier to run pain-free in Skinners, and last week I ran about 4 miles (admittedly slowly) with no pain at all. Since I’d had a long break, I wanted to get out again today (the first chance I’ve had to run since then due to other commitments and work travel). As it was way below freezing I thought my feet would be cold in the Skinners, so I put on my trusty Merrell Trail Gloves. Within a quarter of a mile I had to turn around to come home and change – my left Achilles was hurting again. After giving it some thought, I put this setback down to having danced the evening away at my work holiday party last night.

A quick change into the Skinners and I was off down the road again, and things were better. I ran just over 3 miles, and had minimal aches and pains throughout.

I know I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m hoping that the dancing won’t cause too much of a setback. I’ll be out on the Halfbike again this weekend as that hasn’t caused me any issues while I’ve been working through this.

The image below gives a good overview of the skinners – I found I have to wear them with socks but that isn’t a problem, and I’ve got to get used to running on rough surfaces on them, but they seem to be working out very well for me, and have been great to use when travelling as they take up so little space in a suitcase. At the moment this seems to be the only thing I can wear when running, so I’m very thankful I have them.


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