Time to rest and reset

Today I did this:

Despite overall progress I decided it was better for the long-term for me not to run a half marathon.

My 6 mile run this weekend, shorter than planned, ended with some pain in my ankle. The pain did go away when I stopped running, but it was enough for me to review my strategy. For weeks now I have made improvements to then find some twinge of pain creeping back in.

It’s time to rest (or at least, to not run).

I’m going to use the next few weeks to make more progress on flexibility, upper body strength, and improve any imbalances. I will make a plan to gradually come back into running. I will have to be restrained. In the last month or so I have probably tried to do too much (and I knew it at the time), but when I felt good I wanted to do more, most likely due to the NYC Half that was on my calendar.

Now it looks like my first race of the year will probably be the Newport 10k

In the meantime I’m hoping the Halfbike can keep me in shape enough to make it a fast one.

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2 Responses to Time to rest and reset

  1. It’s better to listen to your body and do what will in the long run be best for you. Keep up the cardio and you will be fine!

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