An overdue catch up

My resolution is to update here more often. I’ve found it difficult to keep up lately, so haven’t found the time to write a post. Here’s a quick summary (it actually surprised me that I wrote a short post in December – I thought it had been much longer but I didn’t tell the whole story in that post).

  1. I am now club president of RVRR – this is primarily responsible for my blog being somewhat abandoned in the last 2 months. The club is the reason I’m such an avid runner and I’m glad to have the opportunity to give back in this way.
  2. In my last post I described how my runs were around a max of 5k. That was 2 months ago, and I’ve been able to increase that to 10 miles as of this past weekend. My hamstring isn’t perfect, but I can finish these runs with only some discomfort that doesn’t linger after stretching and rolling. It looks like my goal of finishing the NYC Half is highly likely to be reached at this point, and perhaps I can put a bit of pace behind it too (I know I’ve got to be cautious there). For the first time in a long while I went to the track yesterday and managed a reasonably paced set of 4 800m runs. I probably shouldn’t have done that the day after my 10 mile, and I had only planned to run an easy 3 miles. However, I decided to take the kids to the track and decided to see if I could push myself (my advice is don’t do this the day after a long run – perhaps I shouldn’t try to be my own coach).
  3. Another thing I hadn’t mentioned last time – I’ve started swimming. My idea of swimming up until November was breast stroke with my head above water (I could do other strokes, but only for as long as it took to run out of breath, and then I would have to stop). I got a coach and I am learning how to breath while swimming. I definitely regret not having learned this as a kid, and I am very envious of those who make it look so easy. My biggest problem appears to be relaxing while swimming – I’m sure some sort of self-preservation impulse kicks in as I’m swimming and I tense up which inevitably results in some sort of problem with the breathing (not getting enough air, timing it wrong, swallowing water, you name it). It also surprises me how high my heart rate gets, and how tiring it is for me. When you’re used to being able to run at a decent pace without getting tired, having a hard time with just a few lengths of the pool is disconcerting. I’m determined to get there but need to make sure I get to the pool regularly to practice.
  4. I’m still coaching, and enjoy that immensely. I plan to incorporate more about that in my blog too.
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