What happened?

As always my intention is to keep this blog up to date with my progress, but time slips away and life gets busy. The other simple fact is that there has been no progress.

In my last post I mentioned the pain in the ball of my foot. Over the following few weeks it gradually got worse and my foot was often swollen. The doctor diagnosed¬†metatarsalgia, and I was also told I could run through it. I’d already taken some time off before getting that information, and vacation was coming up, so I decided to be more cautious. I didn’t run for 4 weeks, and then tried again. After a few runs over the space of about 10 days things seemed to be worse again.

That brings the blog up to date – I’m not running again. I’m not sure how long I will take off this time but it will likely be more than 4 weeks. This definitely means that the Newport Liberty Half is no longer in my running plan (I had hoped it would be).

In the meantime I need to stay fit. Between my Halfbike and my road bike, I’m hoping that will be the case. I already pushed myself hard on a very humid day to ride 53 miles on the road bike and I haven’t ridden that far for a long time. I will also join some RVRR club runs on the Halfbike as I have done before.

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