Ruth’s Chris Newport Liberty Half Marathon

It’s coming up on that time of year again, it’s almost time for what is now officially called the “Ruth’s Chris Newport Liberty Half Marathon” (abbreviated from the “25th Annual Ruth’s Chris Steak House Newport Liberty Half Marathon”).

My plan for the year was to be at this race and get somewhere near my old times. Of course the weather is always the unknown in this race, so that may have put pay to that idea. Unfortunately other new and fun injuries have stopped me training over the last couple of months.

Last year I didn’t race either but I went along to take in the atmosphere and take some photos of the RVRR runners out there. This year it’s unlikely I’ll make it between my son’s travel soccer and my daughter’s photography hobby as the Highland Park Arts in the Park Festival is that day and she will be presenting her photos at a booth.

There’s still time to sign up for the race if you haven’t. The large, but not overwhelming, field and great on course support, along with the views, really do make it worthwhile.

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