I’m back!

Running the NJ Half Marathon on 4/28

Almost 9 months since my last update on what was happening in my running world (at the time, nothing at all), I’m back. I’m planning to fill the gaps to record what has happened in that time, but here’s a summary:

  1. In August I had a crash on my Halfbike which put me completely out of action for a while. Note that is is very difficult to crash hard on a Halfbike, and I will definitely avoid the combination of going too fast (17 mph), down a hill, and on a bend in future.
  2. I started running again, but I was still having problems, but also found that taking care of my tight calf muscles helped me get out and run.
  3. At the end of February I discovered the Hyperice Hypervolt because of my massage therapist. It has really helped with my tight calf muscles, and kept me running with no issues at all.
  4. I got my mileage up to 100 to 120 miles in the last 2 months.
  5. I ran the Garden State 10 miler faster than I expected, and with it got a new goal for the New Jersey Half Marathon. It seemed ambitious with only a couple of training runs at that sort of distance, but…
  6. I beat that goal and ran the half marathon in 1:35:39. It has been 3 years since I ran a half marathon at that pace.
  7. Now it’s time to keep gradually increasing my mileage and get in more longer runs. I’m aiming for even faster in the fall.
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