Halfbike 3 initial review

I’ve been using my halfbike 2 more again to try to help with my running issues (nothing major, but things like Achilles tendinitis typically means less running) but I’ve been looking forward to the Halfbike 3 coming out because of the improvements it is supposed to bring.

Yesterday I got my shipping notification with a delivery date of today. It arrived mid afternoon which was useful because I had taken the day off work for other reasons so I was able to assemble it.

The instructions were pretty straightforward on the whole. I took a few pictures along the way that may help if anyone gets confused.

UPDATE: Halfbike have informed me that I have installed the rear wheels upside down. That triangle section in the photo right above should be underneath.

The tool that comes with it is all you need to put it together.

I seem to remember that the halfbike 2 was harder work. Including unpacking (and stopping to take photos) it took about 45 minutes.

First ride

As soon as it was assembled I took it onto my street (a quiet dead end street) for a quick spin.

My initial response was that the ride felt lighter and smoother. Turns were much more forgiving and almost too easy. It took a few tries to get used to it. It felt like it allowed for more lean and I just wasn’t expecting it to allow me to go that far.

It definitely seems like a big improvement and I can’t wait to get out on a longer ride (probably tomorrow after work).

Halfbike 2 and 3 side by side

The difference between the width here is presumably responsible for the handling improvements, plus the positioning of the springs.

The difference in size is noticeable (in a good way). It’s definitely lighter. Positioning of the gear lever is excellent but as my old one had the gears added later by me, they may not have been in the best place on my old one.

Initially I couldn’t get the lever into 1st gear, but quickly discovered that the cable wasn’t properly in place at the lever end.

Update: my latest post talks about my first ride on the Halfbike 3.

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