Long walks

2 weeks post surgery I had a follow up visit with the surgeon. I wanted to know when I would be able to run again. He wants me to wait 4 weeks. He suggested I could go for brisk walks so I have started walking most days approximately 3 miles.

I have heard that others have got back to running much sooner, but the majority of results of Google searches will indicate 6 weeks post surgery so it seems reasonable. I do not want another setback. Of course, runners will always try to push the limits and I think I did that this week.

He did say a brisk walk, so I pushed a bit and averaged 14:54 per mile over a 3.4 mile walk.

This did include a 14:26 third mile to bring the average down to below 15 minute miles.

Since then I have had some discomfort. It seems like the surgeon is correct and I’ll be taking things more slowly from now on.

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