Skinners 2.0 – 164 mile review

Eventually I’ll provide a summary of the ups and downs of the last 8 months since my last post. Luckily I’m on an “up” and I received my Skinners 2.0 sock shoes several weeks ago and have now covered 164 miles in one pair.

I have the original Skinners but never ran in them consistently and therefore never tracked mileage (I have 3 pairs and have no idea how often I used each pair). I bought 3 pairs of the new version too but stored 2 of them away so I could track how they hold up over time and miles.

The “bits” wore down pretty fast but the section that looks worn is holding up pretty well and half of those miles or more have been with it smooth already.

The most worn part

I’ll update when they eventually get too thin or break through.

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