Too early for goals?

As progress continues, albeit inconsistently, I want to look ahead.

So far my race plans have consisted solely of races I signed up for a while ago – The United NYC Half, The Garden State 10 miler, and The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half. Given the distances involved and the time I have left to train, I’m clearly not going to be back to full speed before these races and realistically my goal is to get through them without hurting myself.

This week I was once again offered the opportunity to be an official blog partner of the Newport 10k, and accepting this gives me entry into the race. I would not have wanted to miss this race anyway (as I state each year, I’ve consistently run this race ever since I got involved with RVRR and my willingness to take part is not influenced by being a blog partner).

Now that this race is on my mind I am starting to consider whether I can have a true speed target in time. The race is on May 6 which gives just over 2 months. Training has been about building a base, and if all goes well, beginning to incorporate true speed work into a routine in a few weeks could work with that timing (and with the race distance).

I’ll have to see how things go over the next few weeks, but now is the time to be planning for this particularly race. So far the weather is cooperating and we haven’t had the real cold or snow that we would typically expect this time of year, so who is with me? I’ll keep my blog up to date as I prepare incorporating training ideas, so check back over the next couple of months.

If you register for the race, tell them that you read about it on this blog!


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