Grape Gallop races (run and taste)

I was recently contacted by the organizers of the Grape Gallop series of races to see if I would be interested in running one of their races, and to offer a discount for my followers (RUNNJ17 will give $3 off any of their 2017 races).

I had seen these races advertised last year and Alba Vineyards location was appealing, but it didn’t fit with my schedule. Being sidelined a little this year, it seems like a perfect opportunity to run there.

The races are a little more expensive than your typical 5k (the October 21 race is actually 3.5 miles – an unusual distance, but an automatic PR perhaps?) but, if you plan to make a day of it, what you get for your money adds up to make it seem more reasonable.

The location is great. I’ve been to festivals at the Alba Vineyard before and it’s a beautiful area. The races run around the vineyard which makes a change from the usual road races, and you get a wine glass, wine tasting, entry to the food festival, as well as a tote bag and the more typical race benefits of race shirt, photos, and your name on your bib if you register in time (you can enter for $15 less without the wine tasting and glass). They are also partnering with the Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research.

The race organizers have offered me a free entry for the October race, but I’m looking forward to it enough that I have decided to run on the April 23rd race too (at my expense). I plan to make it a family day out so let’s hope the weather is good that day!

If you sign up, don’t forget to use code RUNNJ17 for $3 off.

Don’t hesitate if you want to sign up for the April 23 race – the price goes up at midnight tonight.

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