Not racing

It’s been a lot longer than I intended between posts. In that time there have been ups and downs, and with the Newport 10k imminent I have to decide whether to run. So far, I have not been able to run the NYC Half, Garden State 10 mile, or the NJ Half this past weekend.

There have been times I’ve been able to run the 10k distance with only minor irritations, but now 3 miles seems to be my limit. I’ve started Physical Therapy (finally) so I’m counting on that to get me running again but obviously with the race this Saturday there’s not enough time.

It’s a shame that, as a blog partner, I may not run it this year but I hope I’m back in time for the Newport Liberty Half (as I’m writing this there is still a bit of time to get the discounted entry for both races) – maybe I’ll run slowly and see how it goes.

My next post will be a review of the Grape Gallop – the post is almost ready but I’ve been delayed by not being able to find my daughter’s camera to use her pictures.

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  1. Hopefully the PT will help and you will be running pain free and racing soon. Good luck.

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